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  • Versions 3.*
    • [NAME] Blue Jasmin
    • [CODE] Refactored
    • [DATABASE] New schema
    • [INSTALL] Easy Docker
  • Versions 2.*
    • [NAME] Red Lemon
    • [NLP] Turbo Parser, MELT
    • [FEATURE] Ngrams Table management
    • [FEATURE] Annotation local view
    • [FEATURE] Lexical Graph with temporal filter
    • [FEATURE] Graph bi-Partite
  • Versions from 1.0 to 1.9
    • [NAME] Rose Bonbon
    • [Law] Licence of Gargantext is (and will be for next versions) AGPL
    • [NLP] Turbo Parser, TreeTagger
    • [FEATURE] Advanced Chart
    • [FEATURE] Remove duplicates
  • Versions from 0.1 to 0.9
    • [NAME] Black Salade
    • [Law] Licence of Gargantext is GPL v3+
    • [NLP] NLTK, TreeTagger
    • [FEATURE] Graph Explorer
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Alexandre Delanoƫ

project manager

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David Chavalarias

principal investigator

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Samuel Castillo J.


Elias Showk


Constance de Quatrebarbes


Mathieu Rodic


Romain Loth


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